Our Service is a public business database. Business information records are submitted and updated by the registered User who are the Owner of the firm or the authorized representative of the firm Owner. The Service Owner takes no responsibility for the content uploaded by the User and its possible inaccuracy.


Terms of Service

  1. Anyone with a registered account and access to the Internet can use our Service. Using our Service and uploading business information to our database is free of charge.

  2. The User may be charged for using extra premium features in our Service.

  3. To add a new business record to our Service, the firm must operate legally and must be registered. It is forbidden to add records of subjects and businesses which violate the law.

  4. The User who uploads a business record must provide accurate and consistent with the actual status company data, i.e.

    • the name of the firm,
    • website address,
    • office address,
    • phone number.
    • The User is also required to provide his or her personal data while uploading a business record to the system.
  5. It is forbidden to upload records of firms and sites:
  • with erotic and pornographic content,

  • promoting violence and hate,

  • using malicious software or viruses,

  • promoting escort agencies and sports betting,

  • presenting no merit value and created solely to manipulate the Internet search engine results,

  • operating as a subpage to the main website.

  1. In case of detecting prohibited or inconsistent information within a business record, the Service Administrator has the right to delete the business record immediately. The Service Administrator is not obliged to give the reason for deleting the record.

  2. The User can send the completed form to create a new business record after accepting the Terms and Conditions of our Service.

  3. The User who is the data subject may, at any time, withhold the consent to process their personal data and refuse to further agree with our Terms and Conditions. In such case, the User may no longer upload any new business records. Withholding the consent will result in removing any User records.

  4. The User may edit the record through the business profile assigned to the User while creating a business record. The User shall not transfer the right to access the business profile to any third parties.

  5. In case the User, for any reason, cannot access the business profile, they may contact the Service Administrator.

  6. By uploading the record to our database and using our Service, the User agrees to the Terms and Conditions and respects the copyrights of the third parties.

  7. A business record is uploaded to our database within 30 working days, counted from the day when the User submits the correctly completed form.

  8. The Owner of the Service assumes no liability for damages caused by inconsistent or incomplete information added to a business record and inappropriate use of the Service.

  9. Any complaints may be sent through the contact form.

  10. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Users, while creating an account, give their consent to process their personal data by our Service. Processing the data enables us to provide our Service. Users have the right to access and edit their personal data at any time.

  11. The personal data shall be processed in accordance with the GDPR of The European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2017.

  12. Our Service has the right to introduce changes to these Terms and Conditions.