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How do cookies work?

Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored on the User’s end device. They allow the website to remember and identify the User and User’s preferences regarding a given web address, e.g. language, page arrangement, most engaging categories and others. Thanks to cookies, the User can see the customized content and ads which are considered relevant regarding User’s location and interests.

Using cookies helps our Service to improve its functionality and to optimize the content to the User’s individual needs. It is also essential to measure the server traffic and analyze Users’ interactions on the website.

Information gathered by cookies are not aimed at tracking and revealing Users’ identity and their personal data and cannot be sold to the third-party partners. The data can be shared with the third-party partners only to the extent that such activity is permitted by the applicable laws.

Cookies cannot influence or perform any changes on the Users’ device and in its settings. They do not transmit any malicious software.

Managing cookies

Users can manage cookies on their own through changing their browser’s settings. In order to maintain access to all the functionalities of our Service, it is advised to accept our full cookies policy. Blocking, deleting or limiting cookies may result in hampering your experience while using some of our Service’s features.